Gadala Gubara on the time table in his cinema studio : “Studio Gads” Khartoum
© Claude Iverné / elnour 2005


“The image is a subtil weapon”

Gadala Gubara was born in 1920. While working as a projectionist at the British colonial propaganda offices in the Sudan from 1946 to 1950, he quickly understood the power of images. His bourgeois and easy origins helped him to study film making, first in Cyprus then in California. He sat up his own activity on his return and has some success in the documentary film while making his living from advertisement photography. The personal photos of “Gad’s” are never free : cruel to his critics, effective and expencive for the rich companies, affectionate to his close friends and familly. He knows how to enjoy without attachment, and pushes up caricaturing his guests and patrons. He retains his freedom, and allows himself the right to change his mind. For many of his pictures, he turns his back to events, shows it from behind or beside the scenes. Gad is best known for his films routinely censored and often banned by the regime. Beloved of the bourgeoisie, he continued until his death in 2008, aged, blind from having too widely opened his eyes, to travel alone by bus in the city, to keep in touch with his “little people” who doesn’t know him anymore.

Photographies Soudanaises, Usine Springcourt, Paris, France, 2012.
Lumières Soudanaises, Mairie du X°, Paris, France, 2011.
Galerie Clémentine de la Feronnière, Paris, France, 2011.
Cultural center of Egypt in Paris, France, 2010
La Centrale Electrique, Brussel, Belgium, 2006.
Bamako Internationnal Biennal of Photography, Mali 2005.

The Omega Man: Gadalla Gubara and the Half-life of Sudanese Cinema , a documented biography of Gadalla Gubara.
2011, Studio Gad – The archive project, an ambitious and generous organisation to save Gadalla Gubara’s cinema archives.
2008, Filmmaking ‘Blinds’ Sudanese Gadalla Gubara, interview.
2007, Arte TV, Metropolis : Gadalla Gubara, Réalisateur Soudanais.
2007, Video Document Arte TV, by Nadja Korinth


Gads 51-7 Huttes Nuba Gads 51-12 Riefenstal Nuba Gads 51-16 Riefenstal Nuba

Gadala Gubara ( behind the camera ) with Leni Riefenstahl filming the Nuba Gadala Gubara ( behind the camera ) with Leni Riefenstahl filming the Nuba

Gads 51-3 Nuba Gads 51-4 Nuba Gads 51-5 Nuba Gads 51-6 Nuba Gads 46 Gads 47 Gads 48 Gads 49 Gads 51-1 Riefenstall Nuba Gadalla Juballa au montage a la maison Gads 43 Gads 44 Gads 45 GAD-038 portrait homme GAD-039 Mariee GAD-040 Tannerie GAD-041 Crocodile GAD-034 boxe feminin GAD-035 portrait feminin GAD-036 porte valise Kariman GAD-030 Portrait studio GAD-031 Portrait cour Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub / 1sr premier ministre du soudan independant GAD-033 Arbre en foule GAD-027 Maison neuve GAD-028 Tournage US GAD-029 Portrait nubien GAD-025 foule 2 GAD-026 Abu Simbel GAD-024 Trois femmes au mur GAD-025 foule 1 GAD-022 Scarifiee a la fenetre general Hassan bŽchir sous  ibrahim abboud 1958->64 GAD-020 tournage docu GAD-021 Portrait ext GAD-018 Le saut GAD-019 Gamin shell GAD-016 Pause bain GAD-017 Vivas GAD-015 Deluxe GAD-014 hilare GAD-012 Tournage GAD-013 la coupe GAD-011 pub radio GAD-010 Mosquee Farouk GAD-009 sortie decole GAD-007 Photographe a pipe GAD-008 monts Nouba GAD-006 Beauté bleue GAD-005 Jeu de roles GAD-003 Fly sudanair GAD-004 Tournage GAD-002 Bata selfservice GAD-001 bis Berlin wall